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Problems Levf Finance address:

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Yield Farmers and Aggregators

Leveraged Yield Farming on Levf

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Rising Interest Rate Model


Deposit Liquidity

Deposit Safety

Deposit ROI



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‌LFI token distribution

LFI Special Feature (RFI-Static Reward)

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What is L.I.P.S.?

How many people need to vote to pass a Levf Improvement Proposal (LIP) proposed on-chain?

  • The quorum is 20%. This means that 20% of the staked LFI needs to vote on a proposal for it to pass through for voting. After that, it has to have at least 50% of the votes for proposal to be accepted.
  • You can post your proposal on-chain first but if people haven’t talked about it, they probably won’t vote for it.

How do I make a proposal?

  • The default template for proposals can be found on Github + on the forum if you make a post under proposals or discussion it will auto-fill in the template as well.
  • The process is roughly the following:
  1. forum discussion
  2. promote to LIP (usually done by mods), add LIP to Github, put on-chain
  3. announce
  • Anyone can post a proposal both on the forum and on-chain.


  • Stake your LFI and then you can cast your vote for LIP that are on-chain on the voting dashboard
  • No, your LFI must be staked in the governance contract in order to vote.
  • You can view them on the voting dashboard if you login to your web3 account or at lips.levf.finance.
  • You should stake if you want to vote on LIP. The APY for staking is currently not listed on the UI. You can ask on the chat what the rate is.
  • Yes. You have to stake your LFI at lgov.finance/stake in the tab under Governance to have your vote counted. As of now, your vote can be submitted without staking but it will not count so it will only be wasting gas fee, so make sure you have staked first if you want to vote validly.
  • Your LFI is locked for 3 days after you vote.
  • You can’t, the lock lasts 3 days after you last voted, until then you cannot unstake your tokens.
  • If you try to unstake your tokens before the lock ends you be notified of a very high gas cost, this is actually an error, you will not be able to unstake until the 3 day lock has ended.
  • Yes. You can read the contract directly at lgov.finance staking contract, go to 28 votelock and input your eth address. This will give you the eth block number on when you can unstake.
  • A poll just gauges the sentiment of the community on how it feels on the proposal, while an on-chain vote will be binding and will take effect if it passes.
  • We now have an off-chain signaling system that uses staked balances from lgov. This replaces the older, informal forum polls which were vulnerable to sybil attacks. It can make multiple choices and doesn’t cost gas to use, you just sign in with your wallet instead. We still use the normal on-chain voting system for LIPs.


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Levf Finance

Levf Finance

An Ethereum based protocol that bridges the risk limitations and the capital limitations of DeFi participants, creating additional opportunities for both.